Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Bellevue, Ohio

When constructed in the late 1950s, Immaculate Conception Church of Bellevue, Ohio, preparations were made for a pipe organ in the rear gallery. Limited funding was available, so a very small instrument was installed. The terrazzo floors and hard plastered walls and ceiling created a sympathetic acoustic for this instrument, and the organ served the church for many years.

As the small pipe organ neared the end of its life, the congregation hoped to find a larger pipe organ that would fit the available budget. The Parish was excited when 45 ranks of fine pipework became available from a recently shuttered church, making a three-manual 30 rank pipe organ possible.

The organ plays from an entirely new mechanism. New windchests, reservoirs, and other components were constructed to fit the available area. A high quality and lightly used organ console was altered to fit the new specification. The visually attractive yet simple façade and case complement the existing architectural details of the sanctuary.




The specification is entirely a Muller Pipe Organ design.
The available space would not allow for a conventional three manual design. The organ is essentially a conventional two manual design, with an added Solo division. The Solo division allows the instrument to possess stops normally reserved for larger instrument, while providing the flexibility of a third manual through judicious unification.




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