St. Paul of the Apostle Catholic Church
Westerville, Ohio

A highlight of Muller Pipe Organ Company's 95th Anniversary year was the completion of the new pipe organ for Saint Paul the Apostle Parish of Westerville, Ohio.

The 54 rank organ features American Classic characteristics as shown in its four independent plenums and its variety of solo and color stops. The Great and Swell divisions are expressive and with the Pedal, are located in a case at the back of the gallery. The Positive Organ projects from a smaller case on the gallery rail. The 32' Trombone and a reclaimed 16' Open Wood Diapason undergird the instrument, while the horizontal brass Pontifical Trumpet triumphantly crowns the entire ensemble.

The organ was visually conceived to harmonize with its surrounding and is the first instrument built in our facility to feature two cases. Expressly designed to allow the choirs an unrestricted view of the chancel, the outline of the Positive pipework frames the sanctuary below. The cases of rift- and quarter-sawn red oak were handcrafted at our facility using traditional joinery, as was the raised panel console. The low profile console is movable and features interior accents of solid walnut with inlays of ebony and maple. 

Thoroughly equipped to render organ literature, the primary responsibility of the organ is to enhance worship. We are proud of this instrument and know that it will continue to sing praises in its magnificent home at Saint Paul the Apostle Church for generations to come.

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